The XO Hotels Gift Card is the perfect present for your partner, friends and/or family. The gift card can be tailor-made with your personalised text. You can also choose the amount you would like to give as a present (with a minimum of € 5).

After receiving your request for the gift card we will send you a payment link so you can easily prepay.
Please check the Terms & Conditions below.

Order your personalised gift card now by filling out the below form. 

XO Hotels Gift Card

  • Please fill in your telephone number
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  • Which personalised text would you like to have on the gift card?
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Terms & conditions:

  • The gift card is valid for 1 year after payment
  • The person who makes use of the gift card needs to book in advance, informing us that the gift card will be used
  • The gift card is only valid for direct reservations (via our website, telephone or e-mail)
  • The gift card is not valid for reservations made via a third party
  • The payment for the gift card is non refundable, in case of a cancellation you will not get a refund