Noord Gestoord

This Sunday I scheduled a crossing to Amsterdam North. I liked it so much last time that I’m going again, to discover more.

Behind the Central Station, I take the free ferry to the NDSM. The trip takes about 15 minutes and takes me to the raw, old shipyard. On the old site, with the original warehouses, all kinds of festivals are held regularly and there are plenty of restaurants to eat and drink something. Even though much is renewed, the many warehouses still keep the history alive.

Today I go to the IJ-Hallen for the monthly flea market. Just to have a browse through the shoes, fur coats, old furniture and other curiosa. In summer, the market is kept outside, but in winter, the market stalls can be found in one of the two large warehouses and you can stroll while drinking a cup of hot chocolate or glühwein.
After buying a pair of nice shirts for my son and a lamp for my living room, I’ve seen enough and continue my visit to Amsterdam North. Next visit: the Eye Film Museum and the Adam Tower.

The Adam Tower is located in the old Shell building, a landmark in Amsterdam. Since May 2016, several companies have been established in the building, including a hotel, restaurant and club. I’m going to Madam, the restaurant on the top floor.

In the elevator to the 22nd floor, I feel like I’m in a Disneyland attraction; it goes so fast and the movie in the ceiling makes it a psychedelic experience. In the bar, while I take a sip of my drink, I’m looking in admiration to the view; to the canals in the busy city center, Zandvoort, and on the other side of the bar the village where my roots are!
I’m climbing another stairway and now, at the top, I really can enjoy the view including the noise coming from the city. And if you’re a dare devil and you really do not have a fear of heights, you can swing over the 100m high edge. I leave the swing for another time and just enjoy the view.

I take the trippy elevator down again, and head on to the free Buiksloterwegveer ferry, which is situated right next to the Adam Tower. The ferry takes me back to the other side in 5 minutes, after which I can immerse myself in the busy center.

They say ‘Noord Gestoord’ (something like ‘North is troubled’), but this is definitely a place where I will come more often!

Wendy de Ridder, reserveringsafdeling XO Hotels