16 BEST REASONS WHY you BOOK DIRECT with the hotel

  • We do not charge any booking fee
  • Your booking is safe and secure
  • We are a reliable hotel group and partner to our suppliers for over 20 year
  • We display the most up-to-date information and pictures of our hotels
  • We confirm your booking by mail within 15 minutes
  • Easy access to our reservations specialists to help you
  • Flexible rates come with a free cancellation until 24 hours before arrival date
  • Double bed booked on our website? Double bed guaranteed
  • Priority for room requests (based upon availability)
  • Priority for room upgrades (based upon availability)
  • We offer special deals exclusively for direct bookings
  • We provide an early check-in (based upon availability)
  • Our staff members are happy to offer local knowledge on the city and the region to help make your stay more enjoyable.
  • You can book those little extras that can make your stay special such as rose petals & balloons during the booking process
  • We will not use your mail address for marketing purposes unless you give us permission.
  • We offer a change service for only € 7.50

Booking your hotel stay direct gives you value for money, service and other benefits

XO Hotels Amsterdam is a Dutch company and pays all local taxes unlike some big international Online Travel Agents.

So for your next citybreak, phone or mail us now or book your stay any time, easy and safe, on our website.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to miss out on news, exclusive deals and packages we offer throughout the year with other discounts and opportunities, sign up to our newsletter or advise our reservation staff during your call with them.


XO Hotels: Book direct with our hotel and see you soon!