Experience the Amsterdam Light Festival 2020/2021

From 26 November 2020 until 17 January 2021 the 9th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival will take place. Light artworks from famous artists and rising talents shall turn the centre of Amsterdam into a festival of light. The Amsterdam Light festival, started in 2012, is now one of the most popular light festivals in Europe. Dozens of works and installations by international artists, designers and architects will participate in this year’s festival. The works can be admired in two ways: with a canal cruise, the Water Colors, or by foot.

Unforgettable light festival in Amsterdam

Projections onto historical buildings, installations on the street and squares and many interactive works; nothing is too much at the Amsterdam Light Festival. Unique for the Amsterdam Light Festival is the public-private partnership. The municipality, different businesses and various creative sectors are jointly involved in the organization of the event. Nowhere a monumental center and today’s technology come as close together as with the Amsterdam Light Festival.

5 reasons to visit the Amsterdam Light Festival

Not yet convinced you need to visit the Amsterdam Light Festival? We are here to give you the final push and have made a list with 5 tips why to visit the festival.

#1: Massive interest from artists from all over the world
Every year the Amsterdam Light Festival gets interest from many artists from all over the world in participating. The arduous task of the selection of the actual concepts for the festival is up to a jury.

#2: The second most popular free festival in the Netherlands
With no less than 900.000 visitors at the 2017-2018 edition, the Amsterdam Light Festival holds the second place for most popular free festival in the Netherlands! If you have never been, then it is an absolute must. Only the parties of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches attract more visitors annually.

#3: See artworks from leading artists and architects
At the 9th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival, visitors can admire light art works by a few top architects!

#4: Beautiful sailing itinerary: ‘Nature’
Every year the Water Colors sailing route has a theme. The theme of the 9th edition will be ‘Nature’. Nature calls us to order. She is angry, but at the same time she also offers new possibilities. 750 artists, designers and architects were challenged to highlight both sides of the coin: the dangers and problems, but also the possible solutions.

#5: Combine Amsterdam Light festival with other Amsterdam highlights and stay one or multiple nights
Why come to Amsterdam only for the Amsterdam Light festival, while there are many more beautiful things to do and see? Combine the festival with for instance a visit to the Rijksmuseum, the Royal Palace or the Heineken Experience. There is no reason to rush through town to visit all in one day when you book a room for one or multiple nights in one of our hotels. See everything you had ever wanted in Amsterdam and have a good night’s sleep in your comfortable hotel room.

Make sure you don’t miss this unique event, set a date, book a room and see the centre of Amsterdam like never before. Do you want to know more about the festival? Then check out the official website Amsterdam Light Festival or kinboat.com.