Payments in our hotels and in Amsterdam shops

If you want to stay with us, there are two options for payments: Non refundable rate and standard rate

When you book a non refundable rate, it means that you can not cancel or amend your reservation anymore once it is confirmed. We will send you a mail with a payment link. The payment has to be done within 24 hours after confirmation. In case of last minute reservations, the payment has to be received before your arrival.

When you book a standard rate, depending on where you booked, cancellations are accepted mostly until 48 hours before arrival. Check your confirmation to be sure. When you make the reservation on our website, cancellation is possible until 24 hours prior to arrival.

You will be invited to pay with payment link online, easy and safe from home. The payment can be done as well upon arrival, however, this is only allowed if you secured your arrival with a valid VISA or MASTER credit card guarantee. We will ask a 1 euro authorization to check if your card is good for guarantee.

Accepted payment methods in our hotel

We accept the following payment methods:

VISA credit card

MASTER credit card

Debit cards like Vpay, Bancomat





Prepaid credit cards



No valid guarantee with credit card, how does this work

If you guarantee your reservation with a credit card number, it can happen that we inform you that currently, the card given was not good for guarantee. We will give you some time to give new details or to prepay with the link we can provide you. If you do not update us with new details, we will cancel your booking.

The reasons for not getting the requested 1 euro authorization can be various. It can be that you do not possess the credit card anymore. Or that the card has to be validated because you did not use it before. It can also be that there is no money on the card or that the bank blocked the card for hotel purposes or for transactions from abroad.

Currency differences

When you come from a non-Euro country like the United Kingdom, most partner websites like offer you our room rates in English pounds. It helps you to understand our Euro currency. The payments, online or on the spot, can be done both in Euros and in  your own currency. It is called DCC or Dynamic Currency Choice. When you pay online an extra E is added to the abbreviation, making it EDCC.  Because of the fluctuations between currencies, it might happen that you feel there is a difference in rate. The total amount on your confirmation in Euros is always leading.

How can we pay in Amsterdam attractions, restaurant and shops

During your stay in our hotels, you are going to explore our city of course! Shops, restaurants, museums, bars, supermarkets and attractions accept above mentioned payment methods and will let you pay in cash too. If you plan to exchange your local currency into Euro banknotes in your local bank, make sure you ask bank notes with small amounts, for example for 10, 20 or 50 Euro. The big amount bank notes like the one of 250 Euro are very hard to ‘get rid of’.

There are ATM machines of several banks in Amsterdam, like Rabobank, ING, ABN AMRO, SNS Bank. Most of the time in shopping streets. Also here, choose the option to select yourself the small amount bank notes.