This is the first time I write a text which is actually going to be published. I do have a diary, but no other people but me are allowed to read it, so I am really excited to do this. My mother has lived near me for 2 years now. She moved from Limburg (south of the Netherlands) all the way to Amsterdam when she was 76. We’re both really happy that we live so close to each other now. I realized that I really missed her during the years (33 years) I lived somewhere else.

The small things make me aware that I still learn a lot from her and love her (maybe just a tiny little bit more now than when I was young).

I told her we got a gift from some music-loving guests, she really liked my story and I showed her the video I had made. When she was done watching, she said: Music is the sport your heart needs, like us Dutch love to say ;). And yes, she is right. When I see the musicians in our hotel, I can only say one thing: they are so open, sweet, patient, understandable, warm and SPONTANEOUS. They must have a really big heart!

In XO Hotels Park West, our hotel, we get lots of guests, and sometimes these guests give us a present. That gives you such a boost, you can only smile and be happy for the rest of the day. We host lots of musicians from the North Sea Jazz Club. They know what hard work means (we do too, of course ;)). We are often invited to watch their shows in the evening, just because they like us but maybe also because we put effort into making the stay of our guests comfortable. They have to travel a lot and that’s why we, from reservations till housekeeping, try to help them as good and as quick as possible. We try get all their rooms clean before they arrive, so they can go to their rooms immediately and relax before their performance.

The bands that perform at NSJC are always happy to stay in our hotel and feel welcome and at home. They always get a hug when they arrive and when it is time to say goodbye. They always leave with the promise they will come back. So at our hotel we dance while working because of the lovely bands coming over for NSJC, like The Three Degrees, Matt Bianco and so much more. De Wereld Draait Door (famous Dutch talk show) also brings a lot of musicians to our hotel, like for example Typhoon, suddenly standing in front of me…. I was so surprised! For five minutes, he had to listen to me talking about how amazing he is. He reacted really shy and his cheeks turned red. So sweet!

And the awesome band Hiatus Kaiyote from Australia, the female singer was having a huge cold! I brought chicken soup with me because, like my mother says, it’s the only medicine. Of course she felt better after the chicken soup and some rest. She did a great performance at the DWDD (abbreviation of De Wereld Draait Door). To thank me I got a wonderful letter with a ring AND their cd! So cute!

Classic singers also find our hotel. One lady asked if I could please copy sheet music for her. She asked what the costs were, ‘Well’ I said, ‘sing what’s on this paper and it’s all right with me!’. She sang so beautiful that the guests in the restaurant and in the bar quick came and watched her sing. And of course she got a standing ovation.

Last week a choir from the USA came over: The Chicago Master Singers from Barrington, IL. Exactly the same happened when they asked me if I could make sheet music copies. Just look at the footage to see what kind of present we got when we copied the sheets. I am honoured to share this with you guys!

Kind musical regards,
Front Office XO Hotels Park West