Going to Amsterdam with children? No problem!

Summer holiday is nearby! ‘’What shall we do this year?’’ say the parents. ‘’What shall we do this year?’’ ask the children full of hope to their parents. Next to going on a vacation to a country with lots of sun and pool and –of course- lots of new friends, is Amsterdam high on the wish list. Why don’t you go to Amsterdam for a day, like we did with our children.

Amsterdam has something almost magical about it. Not only for adults, for children too. Go shopping in the many stores, take the tram to the city-centre or go on a boat tour through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. Just tasting the vibes of a world famous city, where at every corner a different language is spoken.

A few weeks ago, I went to Amsterdam with my children. We took the car and parked it in Amsterdam-north. A few years ago, nobody went there, but now, in 2016, this is the place to be. The neighbourhood turned into a place to live, to work, but also to visit as a tourist.

First of all we went to the Eye museum, we choose to walk the Eyewalk: you watch exciting movies while walking through the museum. Cool and trendy, according to my kids. Next we went to the A´dam lookout, the new neighbours of the Eye museum. It´s a huge tower (it has 22 floors!) and the view is great. Of course we couldn´t go up before we took a picture of us, hanging above the IJ on a big piece of steel. Not suitable for teenagers who are ashamed of their parents stupid actions, to let the picture seem more realistic. On the twenty-second floor, there is a huge balcony, next to the panorama restaurant. You have a great view and thanks to the signs, you actually know what you’re looking at. The signs are placed on more spots, which is really handy. You can see whole Amsterdam and all it´s hotspots. We really enjoyed the view!

We left the car at the Eye museum. We crossed the IJ with the ferry. It´s so easy, in a minute you are at the otherside of the IJ. All though it´s just a minute, the difference between these parts of the city is like day and night. In and around the Central station, are lots of people: from lost tourists till commuters who are just in time to catch the train.

A visit to Amsterdam is not complete without a boat tour through the city’s canals. For my children a moment to post beautiful selfies … For me a moment to relax and see the city and it´s inhabitants from a different point of view.

After shopping in the Kalverstraat and a visit to the Bijenkorf, the time to eat dinner had arrived. We ate in a lovely restaurant. When we finish dinner, it is time to say goodbye to Amsterdam.

Children happy with their new cloths, parents happy with a wonderful Amsterdam-experience!

Angelina Motzo

Director of sales, marketing and reservations XO Hotels

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