The Dutch weather is often very confusing: one minute it’s raining and the next the sun never shone brighter!

Dutch Spring is mild, but often goes hand in hand with strong wind. In Spring we usually get a lot of rain, so pack your waterproof jacket! The temperatures usually hang around 10-15 degrees Celsius during the day. During the night temperature drops to around 5 degrees Celsius.

What are the best items you can pack?
– Definitely a raincoat (you can buy it in Amsterdam, maybe with tulips on it?)
– Long pants and a sweater
– Good shoes, so you can walk long distances without any blisters

Dutch Summer is, again, mild. Due to the fact we are near the sea we get the cool sea air in the summer. We do get a lot of sunshine, but the summer warmth often turns into a storm with lightning and all that after a few days. Despite that, the temperature is usually a steady 20 degrees Celsius.
The temperature drops at night, usually around 12 degrees Celsius.

What are the best items you can pack?
– Sunscreen and sunglasses (you can always hope for a sunny day, right?)
– Long and short pants (of course dresses for the ladies)
– T-shirts and a sweater
– Good shoes and flipflops to let the feet breath a little

As the leaves fall from the trees and the temperatures drop, the Netherlands becomes quite stormy. We always have strong wind in Autumn. During Autumn we get our share of (a lot of) rain, so pack your waterproof coat again! Temperature generally are around 14 degrees Celsius during the day and 7 degrees Celsius.

What are the best items you can pack?
– Raincoat
– Scarve
– Long pants, a sweater and a cardigan
– Good shoes

Dutch winter isn’t much different than Autumn: it’s usually a lot of rain, wind and sometimes hail. Once in a while we get some snow and once in an even longer time the canals freeze over and we all enjoy some ice skating. An artificial ice-skating rank is often made in front of the Rijksmuseum. The winters are often cold, average temperature is 6 degrees Celsius during the Day and around 0 degrees Celsius during the night.

What are the best items you can pack?
– Get that warm winter jacket!
– Cap, gloves and a scarve
– Long pants and warm sweaters
– Slippers for in the room
– Shoes that will keep your feet warm, we don’t want frozen toes!

Unpredictable weather, but you can be prepared!:
– Check the weather forecast
– Pack clothing for rainy and sunny days
– When in doubt, just take it with you!

Eline van der Peet