What does the hotel do with your review?

As an hotelier, we can no longer deny that the online review phenomenon is important for many people. Potential guests get excited to book themselves an overnight stay in our hotel, so obviously we as a hotelier want to make sure these reviews gives you a good idea of what to expect in the hotel.

„Price / Quality was good. Clear and tidy at the front desk. Room was neat and clean“

We receive reviews in different ways. If we have your email address, we send you an email after departure from our hotel, to ask you about the experience you had our hotel. Did we meet your expectations? Would you recommend our hotel to friends and acquaintances? Was our staff friendly and helpful?

„I recommend this hotel to all my friends. Top stay „

Also, the various partners like Booking.com and Hotels.com send you an email when you booked with them, with a request to review your stay in our hotel. Mostly it consists of multiple choice questions and an open question, where you can inform them and future guests of your experience in our hotel.
Finally, there is the possibility to share your experience on Tripadvisor, Zoover or various social media such as Facebook, Google or Instagram. Again a list of multiple choice questions and the opportunity to share your experiences in an open question. Even supported with photos or videos.

Now back to the title of my blog: what does the hotel do with your review?

All reviews are read by the hotel manager and review ambassadors, staff members who collect the reviews on a daily basis. They read the reviews together and will inform the pros and cons of each review to the various departments concerned. We love feedback from our guests, it helps us to improve our products and services and learn from our mistakes or shortcomings.

„Buffet breakfast was already cleaned while we were still eating“

Learning points that the whole team can learn from is used in team meetings. Often, however, there are points of criticism that need immediate attention, during your stay. By not reporting such a point of criticism while you are here, we can not show that we care and can’t fix the issue right away.

Our safe was broken so had no where to store our personal belongings.

There are also points of criticism we can not do anything about, no matter how keen we are to fix issues.

„What was disturbing was the church bells ringing from 8am every 15mins“

Ultimately, our goal is to offer everyone the best possible stay in our hotel and we will do everything possible to make everything go well, so that you can enjoy your time here and look back on a fantastic stay in Amsterdam!

Now that we are talking about it, don’t you forget to review us?

Angelina Motzo, Director of Marketing, Sales, Reservations of XO Hotels