Always book your stay direct at the hotel

Do you want the best price for a night away in Amsterdam, but don’t know what is cheapest because of all the sales? Well, the professional XO Hotels reservation team is there for you.

We receive reservations through many partners, ranching from many of the well-known booking websites to reservations via email or phone. You may be familiar with the biggest websites;, Trivago or Expedia. These and other websites offer you their best prices and special offers. We are happy to tell you a little secret: these websites often don’t offer the best price, it is always cheapest to book a reservation directly with the hotel! We offer extra discount for all XO Hotels, when you book directly via our own website (, email (  or by phone!

The reason we offer this discount when you book directly with us, is that we can check whether the guests are content. We can offer the quickest and best services in this way. There is no middleman, such as a travel agent, and, more importantly, we do not put people on hold for ten minutes before we help them. And do you prefer a double bed or a room on a higher floor? Guests who booked with us directly mostly get their request.

Reservations made directly with the hotel, are often more flexible to change or cancel. If you make a reservation for a standard, flexible price for our hotel with another company, it is possible to change and/cancel this reservation within 48 hours before the arrival. Whereas if you book directly with us, this offer still stands until 24 hours before the arrival, at no costs whatsoever.

It is also possible to book multiple packages on our own website. We offer the possibility of making a non-refundable reservation, including breakfast. You can only book this arrangement, if you book directly with us. With many of our hotels, such as XO Hotels Couture (previously called Best Western Premier Hotel Couture), we offer a special, with breakfast and parking in our parking garage included in the price. This means that you don’t have to worry about parking your car, you’ve booked a wonderful stay here, paid in advance and can take the tram to the city, having nothing to worry about.

When was the last time you booked a reservation directly with a hotel?

Ines van der Schoot, Reservations team XO Hotels